swans suit

[TOPSHOP suit, AMERICAN APPAREL bandeau, ZARA heels]

i would wear this swan suit every day if this weather would let me, or maybe i would fix a day of the week to wear it. one of my favourite summer pieces ever, if it wasnt clear :)
happy weekend guys!


borsalino wonderland showroom

After the initial collaboration (post) with the brand, last thursday I had the pleasure to visit the super colorful Borsalino showroom in Milan.
As you can see i was obviously always wearing the same outfit but the hats seemed to always fit perfectly, and each hat always seemed to have a great different story behind.
is this what the brand is actually all about? mmm i think so.

kind of also went crazy in there, my sister and I look like mad hatters 
which one is your favourite?


chinese lanterns

[Mary Katrantzou for Longchamp bag, Vivetta Tonino top, American Apparel shorts, Celine sunglasses]

you must have seen this beauty around before,
it's the amazing Mary Katrantzou limited edition line for Longchamp 
her designs are so unique i'm still bummed I didnt get anything from her collection with Topshop in spring (so expensive *sigh*sob)
but this bag was a super special graduation gift, which I am really thankful for!


great wave

one of my favourite pieces from black milk for summer,
i am now trying to achieve getting the one ive been wanting the most for agesss (surprise surprise), we'll see if i manage when they will do a restock. 
ps. people were staring thinking i was crazy to wear a dress in sea water, craycray.


m o s c h i n o

[American Apparel Top, Moschino belt, MiuMiu bag, Melissa flats]

if you follow my twitter or facebook 
you probably know that in these days im working for fashion week in Milan 
and more precisely i do the timetable for the press people here at Vanity Fair.
Actually, is this is the first time i say it? haha 
so you can imagine how painful it was for me to open all those beautiful invitations (see the moschino one on facebook) for all the designers shows and have to give it away,
i felt like a kid taking the wrapping off his best christmas presents to find out they were not for him.
we'll see, what goes around comes around!


zucchini flowers

very dolce&gabbana inspired
super cute zucchini flowered playsuit by AxParis
yay or nay?



hope you had an amazing weekend guys
remember to follow my facebookandtwitter pages for updates in between posts! 
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