grand canyon

[American Apparel bodysuit, Oysho shorts, ColorsOfCalifornia sandals]

if you follow my facebook or twitter you already now I am in Brussels right now as I came to surprise and celebrate one of my best friends' birthday! aaand i had this post ready to show you sooo enjoy 


what happens in vegas

Ahhhh Vegas...
these were the last shots i was able to take with my reflex before it died out of nowhere
Thank God it was our second-to-last day so i didnt miss out on too much, and we were still able to take good shots with our iphones and compact camera :)


furnace creek

still death valley, still the most amazing place ever.
we stayed at the Furnace Creek Inn Resort, and it was gorgeousssss


death valley

[MODEKUGEN road skirt, Banana Republic Tank top]

The most amazing place I've ever been to, 
"to the middle of nowhere"
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