disneyland paris

[Motel Vintage maxi dress, American Apparel sweatshirt, Vintage sunglasses]

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts exactly one week ago, on Sunday, my sister and I went to Disneyland Paris and it was oh-so much fun!
You literally just go stupid once you enter the magic doors of this incredible place (or actually even before while you're on the train getting  there)
the weather was a bit tricky it raiined a lot but we were also really lucky to get some sun at some point during the day! I knew it was going to be cold but i also really really wanted to wear this maxi dress i found in Topshop in London
truth is, i am going back there soon, like soon soon , when my cousin and friends will be visiting in 2 weeks :) 



[H&M total look and Melissa rubber flats]

Yess double post! 
the first pictures are the complete outfit of the previous post about the sunglasses and then i wanted to show you what I got yesterday from the #fashionagainstaids collection at H&M
did you like the collection? did you manage to get yourself a piece?
i cant wait to wear all of these once the rain here in paris will leave me alone!
ps. you have 3 more days to enter the PIXICS GIVEAWAY!


fashionagainstaids preview

Are you ready for FashionAgainstAids tomorrow?
I received these sunglasses as a preview from a giveaway on Joujouvilleroy's blog 
and i cant wait to go to the stores tomorrow to see the whole collection
you can preview all the pieces on their facebook page here 
(would love to show you what i want but i dont know the prices and i honestly want it allllll)
the whole outfit in the following post! 


green galaxy and military

[BLACKMILK Green galaxy skirt, ZARA long sleeve tee, GAP parka, TOPSHOP purse]

Hi beauties! 
I got back last night from the day in Disneyland with my sister and it was like going back to childhood, and I think i will be back there very very soon :) 
a part from that I am starting to do portfolio shootings again, as the date of the finals are getting suuuper close and panic attacks are coming along!
Im leaving you now to go watch a movie with my sister after a day under the crazy rain in Paris
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rocking horse

[NastyGal Maxi dress, Marni for H&M shoes]

This rocking horse was huuge part of my childhood, especially for one reason, you wanna know why?
I was veeery little, my family and I were still back in Brussels (i was born there!)
and this one night I decided I was wayyy too bored to actually sleep in my crib that I gloriously jumped from there to the rocking horse, thinking i could have some fun before going back to sleep, BUT i failed miserably. Instead of rocking that horse I ended up at the hospital with 5 stitches in my eye (yes when I fell, I hit my face on the wooden leg, grossss)
A part from that I actually have pretty good memories with it, but dont ask how i even thought of taking pictures with it
ps. disneyland tomorrow! 
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back skeleton

[thanks to MYBOO for the skeleton tee, OYSHO shorts]

YESS another festivalish look ( i got sooo hooked with coachella im just honestly so freakin jealous i cant be there)...
i got this tee thanks to MYBOO back in January (when I also received this one) but I was obviously 
waiting for some heat to show it off (still a little too cold but i couldnt waiiit any longer)

I also have to announce the winner of the AXPARIS GIVEAWAY...
congratss to Caterina Mariposina! 
Thanks to everyone else who joined the giveaway, remember there is still one open here

*the comments on the post were 88 but 19 comments werent counted as they were not part of the giveaway (just comments to the post! :)


festival inspired

[Maison Cauchemar cross tee, Runwaydreamz shorts, Stella McCartney Falabella purse, NastyGal hat]

When all you've been seeing around is links and videos about Coachella, (and there's going to be more after this weekend...) you also kind of want to wear things that you could wear there, but that are oh so inappropriate for the city.
also makes me want to book more and more that trip to California that my sister and I are supposed to do this summer.
so there you go, now you understand
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He's here guys! 
My first baby nephew was born last night and I couldn't be any happier that I managed to be there when it happened (i had my flight for Paris this morning!)
all my best best best wishes to my amazing sister and her husband 
i alreadyyy cant wait to see you again! 


PIXICS GIVEAWAY paws up ear hoodie

aaand im back with another giveaway for you my loves!
this time PIXICS and I teamed up to let you win the cutest and comfiest paws up ear hoodie,
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*leave only one comment 
*remember to write your facebook name and email so that i can contact you in case you are the winner :D
*goodluck to all of youuuu! 
*this giveaway ends on april 30th 2012 and its open worldwide


Lemarè sneakers

Soooo here's the honest deal:
I have been seeing this kind of Isabel Marant inspired sneakers everywhere 
almost every shoes shop in Paris had different brands selling these, but to be honest the prices were still way too high compared to the product they were selling
I normally dont wear sneakers, I think the last time I owned an actual pair of sneakers was when I was 12, when my feet werent a size 41 yet, but trying some of the different brands on I decided I wanted to try owning some sneakers again 
and finally I came across the perfect price-quality combination: Lemarè sneakers.
they're an italian product and a part from the fact that I mostly liked their colors combinations, they have a small platform inside which makes my feet look a little bit smaller and they're still super comfortable.
I got in contact with the brand few weeks ago to buy them online, but I ended up buying mine in one of my favourite shops in Milan (Federea Milano).
you can check out Lemarè sneakers facebook page here!

now you need to let me know what you think! 
stay tuned because the next post is going to be about the cutest giveaway!
aaand 2 more days to enter the AX PARIS GIVEAWAY!
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