march madness

[Brandy&Melville skirt, H&M boots and top]

March is (should i say finally?) over and only if i stop and think back I realize how much has been going on this month.
Starting from exams and shootings, loots of friends visiting me in Paris, and desperately wanting to make it on time to be in Milan when my sister gives birth to my first little nephew (at last i made it and we're still all waiting impatiently :)
now im home, finishing the last few things for tonight birthday party (a bit earlier than the actual birthday)  and waiting to see all my friends 
it was suchhh a hectic month but it was soo worth it.
how did this "march madness" treat you?
expext a surprise soon! 


pois a versailles

[TOPSHOP dress and bag, H&M tights and bracelets, Vintage ring]

I am finally in Milan for my 2 weeks vacation, but tonight I wanted to show you some pictures I took when I recently visited Versailles: that place is to die for, just soo gorgeous, I was amazed.
a lot of news coming up! #staytuned my loves



[Brandy&Melville backpack, ASOS sunglasses, H&M boots]

a yes or a no?
I used to love them, then hated them, and now the love is starting to come back
even because they generally remind me of childhood so soo much, and I like that, so it's a YES for me.



[NASTYGAL Knit Skater Skirt, H&M knit sweater and sunglasses, ZARA bag, MANGO bracelete and ring]

It's officially SO HOT in Paris, it's like as if summer came skipping spring season
i think it will be soon time for bare legs again and i cant freakin wait!
-3 till Holidays/Milan


neon pants

[ZARA neon pants, H&M sweater, Rayban sunglasses]

Sorry I look so silly sometimes...i cant help it!


leather details

[H&M shirt and shorts, ZARA boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs tote, FOREVER21 lace top, TOPSHOP ring]

I've tried this shirt on the first time in December, in Brussels actually, and after considering whether to buy it or not, I left it there sure to find it once back home during january sales. 
Truth is, I only found it again few weeks ago in a parisian H&M, abandoned on a wrong rack by someone that probably did the same moves i did back in bxl. AH, so utterly happy about this shirt!


go green

[Blumarine suede bag, Vintage dress & hat @L'Armadio di Laura]

Ahh how did i forget to post these pictures?
i actually saved this post in my blogger right the day after and then i guess i just uploaded other pictures instead, or maybe i thought i posted this?
a little jump back to February, and yes, that is some raaandom snow!
(you can find all of these amazing clothes (and the bag too) at my sisters shop in Milan @ArmadiodiLaura)
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