Sacré Cœur

[Topshop fauxfur coat, Scotch&Soda hat, H&M boots, Zara knit and bag]

it's been warmer and warmer here in Paris too, finally! 
(lets hope im not jinxing it because my friends are coming visiting this weeeeek!)
these were taken by my amazing mum when she was here last weekend which was soo good!
love being a little touristy :)
the Sacré Cœur's area truly fascinates me, especially the street with all those textiles shops, one of my favourite!


hermes love

[Zara baseball coat, DrMartens shoes, Hermes bag thanks to L'Armadio di Laura, Rayban sunglasses]

One more outfit from when I was back in Milan 
last week (when it was still cold and snowyy)
now I'm honestly just waiting for spring here in Paris too!
Happy Sunday everyone!
ps. this bag is still on sale at my sister shop L'Armadio di Laura 


bagel thinking

super-duper quick post before going to sleep (shooting tomorrow morning! ahhh)
i had to share with you this picture my sister shot in a quite excellent moment or what?
ps. purple magazine is by far one of my favourite fashion magazine eveeeer
and the new issue is out yessss


ears & comma

[Jeffrey Campbell comma boots, Vintage cape @ Armadio di Laura, Topshop hat]

hi beauties,
how are you all doing?
I am literally going crazy to organize shootings cause as you all know its paris fashion week starting on monday and this week is casting week: hell.
Thank god my mom was here to cheer me up for the past few days
so its all good, for now..
hoping you're all having an amazing week!


more of london

[Keith tee by StrangeDays, Zara jacket, H&M shorts]

This was on the first of the two days i spent in London with my amazing Melis, and we literally walked into Topshop when it was daylight and got out that it was dark, so how about some pictures after an amazing dinner in chinatown?
Also, I already had posted this tee on my facebook page and even if i thought it was sold out
I was able to get this last one they had thanks to Strange Days 
Sooo thank you!!

ps. the windows at Selfridge&co are seriously one of my favourite thing in London! 


Emma Cook for Topshop in London

[Deer Print Tee by Emma Cook for Topshop, American Apparel skirt, Massimo Dutti knit]

I'm back in Paris after an amazing weekend in London with my friend Melis!
As you all probably know fashion week is now starting there (aaand I wish I could have stayed more)
and this year Topshop did a series of limited tees collaborating with different designers
such as the Dolly Face Tee by Meadham Kirchhoff** and the Deer Print Tee by Emma Cook** (the ones I bought)
I also added two of my favourite pastels purchases, a yellow bag from Topshop and a pair of studded shorts by The Ragged Priest.
Have an amazing Sunday! 


Green Creepers

[Zara coat, Federea Milano creepers]

Tiny bit inspired by Prada's last spring collection 
they were actually the first creepers ive ever tried on.
Still not sure these go with what I would normally wear, but since my mom
got them for herself why not try them on?
I think I will also want to try them with something more edgy or classy, 
instead of my "you-have-a-flight-in-30-minutes" clothes. 
YES or NO?


yves variation

[YSL jacket, Giorgio Armani heels, Zara shorts]
Thanks to L'Armadio di Laura

How could I stare at this jacket for ages and not make a post about it.
seriously, I HAD to, didn't I?
ps. the jacket is still available at my sisters shop L'Armadio di Laura
and it's around 200-250 euros (cant remembeeer) 

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