[American Apparel dress, Brandy knit, Jeffrey Campbell Comma boots, Zara clutch]
photos by Melis

i admit it, i couldnt resist it.
I initially started my tumblr only because i wanted to "protect" the domain, and once in a while i would post something
but now after realizing i was posting soo many pictures (actually trying to control myself not to exaggerate) on my facebook page i wanted to have them all together where i could share them too.
sooo here is the link to my tumblr page:
hope you guys will like it and let me know if you also have one and i will be happy to follow you!
ps. i miss brussels!



[Brandy pullover, Zara heels]

This is just a small preview of what I am going to post in the next days, one of my favourite set of photos still by Adeline (aand i miserably failed at doing that bubble)
Hope you all had a great weekend and if you have a minute i would love you if you could vote on the bloglovin awards just by adding my blogs to the vote!
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pink leopard

[Topshop Dress, Mango belt, Zara kimono and heels, Asos sunglasses]

So good to have my computer back! Thanks for ALL of your comments in the previous posts,
i promise i will go over them this weekend since it was impossible to do it from my phone!
This is the second look we shot with Adeline still in the same place as the previous post, but such a different atmosphere.
have an amaaazing weekend beauties! 



[Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Zara tshirt and skirt, Massimo Dutti leather jacket, Rayban sunglasses]

Hiii everyone! 
after a huge assignment that i had to give in (and while my computer kept crashing)
i can finally show you some photos we shot last week with Adeline at the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand :)
more to come!


found you

I've been looking at this jacket since october but never knew if i really wanted it, then i understood i did but once it went on sale i couldnt find it anywhere, but here it is, now, i found it todayy and its minee.
i bet you can feel the excitement
NOW, whats not good is that I have a photoshoot on monday and I cant find a model nor a make up artist available, so if you do know someone, a friend or a relative whatever, just email me ASAP and let me know!



[Remix Line Military Jacket, Topshop velvet dress, American Apparel velvet headband]

The awkward moment when you see something you like but you really know you should actually buy it for a friend of yours. So I did, but then I took pictures with it too :)
Remix Line is actually this awesome place I discovered with some friends walking by the Pompidour,
and they sell reeaaally cool stuff but they also personalize jackets and tshirts online (which is probably what I am going to do in the near future) and the quality of the printing is amazing


the bench

[Comma boots by Jeffrey Campbell, American apparel dress, Vintage coat]
Photo by Melis 

a very simple (blurry) shot that i like so much! 


as audrey

[Audrey Hepburn Sweatshirt thanks to IMPURE, Brandy&Melville skirt, Zara heels]

I realized I've been shootin a lot of pictures in this abandoned fields close to my house in milan, 
it sort of gives a different feels to pictures, and I still have one post to show you :)
More importantly tho, I impatiently wanted to show you this beautiful creation from Impure.
They have the funniest and super original styles, you really need to check them out! 
What do you think?


black riding hood

[Cape and tights American Apparel, Morgan flats, Topshop ring]
photos by Melis

Some photos from when I was back in Brussels,
what do you think of these tights from American apparel?


cry just a little

[Forever21 dress, H&M jeans jacket and boots, ASOS bracelet, Topshop ring]

These first 2 days in Paris were def not the most welcoming as I was sick and got back home finding it  dirty and messed up due to works they have done during vacation...AND
if you are following my facebook page, you'd probably know that my computer crashed on me for  3 days, "happily" it was only a problem of the hard disk and not of the computer BUT yes all the stuff i had in it... is now gone.
How frequently do you back up your files? I really need to start doing that more often i guess 
have a good week everyone! 
and a super happy bday to my sister Alice!
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