moustache stick

[NastyGal dress, Zara pumps]

Every year on Christmas eve we have a tradition: we take our Family portrait.
and this year I prepared a moustache stick for all the five of us to take a moustached family picture
These are just some preview shots!
Anyways, Whats your plan for new years?
Im in brussels right now spending time with friends and couldnt be any happier! 


DIY glitter tights

Hiii everyone!
i hope you all had an amazing time on Christmas!
Some of you asked me how i did the tights of my previous post, so here is a brief explanation of what i did!
This is my very first DIY on the blog and it wasnt even planned so i apologise in advance if its a bit messy or confusing :)
 I did these tights for a test shooting for my portfolio at school (hopefully will show you pictures soon) lets just say they're really "homemade" aka wont probably last long, but they're shiny and fun, and to be honest none of my pair of tights really last any longer haha)

all you need to do is:
1. buy the simplest pair of tights (or the craziest?), skin color in this case
2. use an old sheet of paper to work on, yes the glue gets sticky (the spray glue i used is a photo mount from 3M- i told you this was random)
3. lay the tights on the sheet of paper and spray on each leg (approx. knees area)
4. "quickly" pour the glitter on the area you sprayed before
5. leave it to dry for just few seconds then put on the tights on your arm just to separate the two sides with your hand (this way you will be able to actually wear the tights at some point eheh)
6. spray some more glue and repeat #5.
(eventually add more glitters if you lost too many by doing #5)
7. i left them to dry for a night, since i had the shooting the next day but you could probably do just 1 or 2 hours (or minutes).
8. feel like a little fairy in your brand new shiny tights


very merry christmas

[American Apparel 3D flower sweater and white shorts, DIY glitter tights]

Merry Christmas to all of you beauties! 
I hope you will have the beeest day with your family and friends 
and possibly even get something(s) you may be wishing for! 
muchhh love from Moustachic ♡



[Brandy&Melville usa flag, Topshop dress, Zara heels]
photos by Pret-a-penser 

Im impatiently waiting for some packages containing part of my presents for my family and friends, and today is my last chance to get them before christmas ahhhh
so stressed!
please please please postman be here soon.
thank you


Black Milk

do you all know BlackMilk?
of course you do
anyways now I got my first order and I am patiently waiting for the 25th morning to open it...

naaaaaah just kidding you all know i already opened it and tried it on,
but yes YOU will only see pictures after christmas
can you guess whats in it?


fire away

[Zara Pull, clutch and shoes, American Apparel Skirt and tights, H&M basic grey top]

How are you doing with the christmas presents?
all done? or just started?
I started running around like a crazy person the other day when the weather was soo nice while now it just got a little colder in Milan,  but there's nothing prettier than this city in christmas lights, i swear it makes me feel so happy!
About happiness, I know someone who is going to be SUPER HAPPY
AKA the Diana Mini Giveaway winner!
It HONESTLY took us ages to decide as some of the comments really impressed us and made us laugh
but we finally opted for our first favourite one by GIUSY VILARDO!
her comment was sweet and we're sure it would come out such an amazing picture!
Thank you all for partecipating and stay tuned for more giveaways! ♡



[Comma boots by Jeffrey Campbell]

Sorry for the late post guys!
I am now writing from Milan, from home :D
I was supposed to fly in tonight but last week I changed my flight to a day earlier so that I could surprise my family and with my older sister's help we planned a cozy dinner at home.
oh so priceless.
It's crazy how stronger the christmas feel is once you're back home.
As soon as I was in my room there was a package waiting and decided that it was going to be an early xmas present :)
I ordered these boots through This is a maze shop, which i suggest you to take a look at for your christmas presents, or if you happen to be in Torino you can visit their shop YOU.
This is a maze is definitely one of my favourite online shops where I can easily order Jeffrey Campbells without having to pay sooo much extra for taxes! (applies to European readers i guess :)
how sweet is the card from Eleonora of joujouvilleroy?


silly Diana Mini (GIVEAWAY)

Done done done with exams! 
now I just cant wait to be back home in Milan to feel this Christmas spirit even more!
About that, I am loving all your comments on the Diana Mini Giveaway
I cant wait to hear more of what would you take a picture of with your brand new camera! 
starting from a silly face, a movie scene that inspired you, a recurring moment in your family during xmas day, your dog or cat decorated with xmas lights, your grandma cooking or your baby cousin trying to dance or sing a xmas song.
break free and tell me HONESTLY whats on your mind or what you would want to take a picture of 
on xmas day! 
remember that the most original and creative will win!
im all ears! 

Sono ufficialmente finiti gli esami e ora non vedo l'ora di tornare a casa a Milano per sentire ancora di piu' quest'aria Natalizia! 
Grazie per tutti i commenti sul post del GIVEAWAY Diana Mini
Non vedo l'ora di leggere altri commenti di come vi immaginate questo natale e cosa fotografereste con la vostra nuovissima diana mini!
Che sia una faccia buffa, una scena di un film che vi ha ispirati, un momento ricorrente del vostro cenone o pranzo di natale, il vostro gatto o cane addobbato di luci di natale, vostra nonna che cucina o il vostro cuginetto che cerca di ballare o cantare una canzone di natale.
Lasciatevi andare come fareste con in mano la piccola diana e ditemi ONESTAMENTE a cosa state pensando!
ricordatevi che il commento piu' originale e creativo vincera'! 
sono tutta orecchie! 


latest obsession

[Zara Knitwear pullover, tights and gold clutch, H&M cuff, Zadig&Voltaire wallet, Runwaydreamz Scarlett shorts]

Today I'm happy to introduce you to my latest obsession: Burgundy&Gold.
I love the contrast but also love that is winterish and xmasy enough i would say.
last but not least here is the lucky winner of my previous giveaway with Maison Miau:
check your email :D 
Thanks to all the other girls that joined the giveaway! 
remember you can still try to win a DIANA MINI here 
and mooore giveaways are coming up! 
have a good weekend! ♡



[MotelRocks dress thanks to MaisonMiau]

Just to remind you that you have a bit more than 24 hours to enter 
my giveaway in collaboration with Maison Miau HERE
and that I started yesterday another giveaway with Lomography Italia HERE
♡ join join join! the giveaways are both international! goodluck to everyone ♡


DIANA MINI GIVEAWAY- lomography italia

YESSS believe it! Thanks to the collaboration of Moustachic and Lomography Italia
you have now the chance to win a Diana Mini just by following these easy steps:

- Like Lomography Italia on Facebook here
- Follow Moustachic on Bloglovin and Facebook 
- Easily register in the Lomography community 
- Leave a comment below saying what's your idea of christmas/ what would you take a picture of with your new Diana mini on Xmas day! REMEMBER: try to be as creative as you can, the most original comment will be the winner!
- Let us know your email or Facebook name so that we can contact you in case you'll be the winner!

This Giveaway is international and it ends on December 15th 2011 (11pm Italian Time)


SIII dovete crederci! Grazie alla collaborazione tra Moustachic e Lomography Italia
avrete la possibilita' di vincere la fantastica Diana Mini. Come fare per partecipare? e' semplicissimo:

- "Like" su Facebook la pagina di Lomography Italia QUI
- Segui Moustachic su Bloglovin e Facebook
- Registrati alla community Lomography
- Lascia un commento qui sotto dicendoci qual'e' la tua idea di Natale o cosa fotograferesti con la tua nuova Diana Mini il giorno di Natale! RICORDA: cerca di essere il piu' creativo possibile, il commento piu' originale sara' il vincitore!

Questo Giveaway e' aperto a tutti e terminera' il 15 Dicembre 2011(23:00 orario Italiano)




place de la concorde

[Massimo Dutti knit, Topshop playsuit, H&M wedges, American Apparel turban]

As soon as I said how nice it was to still have warm days even if it's already December 
it started raining and being cold again. I guess I jinxed it!
the other day I spent my morning with my friend Veronica from Pret-a-penser since she was here in Paris for the weekend :) 
I wish it was still waaarm! 
remember to JOIN THE GIVEAWAY girlsssssss! 


Maison Miau GIVEAWAY!

Here as promised moustachic's birthday giveaway! 
This time my collaborator is one of my new favourite online shops: Maison Miau
Follow the next easy steps to win this beauty!

- Like Maison Miau on Facebook HERE
- Follow me on bloglovin' or google friend
- Like my Facebook page HERE
- Leave a comment (ONLY ONE) with your facebook name and email so that i can contact you in case you'll be the winner! 

for more entries: (say so in the SAME comment)
- follow Maison Miau and moustachic on twitter 

the winner will be picked randomly through random.org
 this giveaway is open to everyone and it ends on Thursday December 8th at 11:00 pm (Paris time)




happy birthday moustachic

one yearrrrr of moustachic! unbelievable how time flies
I simply wanted to thank all of my followers and readers
(who's ready for another giveaway?)
and all the people who constantly supported this blog with me such as my amazing family and friends, who made this experience even more fun and unforgettable. 
here is a collection of the most significant moments of the blog aka my favourite pictures,
what a year! 

Thank you thank you thank you!

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