where is my child

[Brandy&Melville pullover, Topshop velvet leggings, Longchamp bag, Zara sequins gold clutch, Federea flats]

Just came back from a 24 hours trip to Berlin! I will tell you soooo much more and show you pictures in the next post! 
Back to Paris- we found these graffiti walls close to the pompidou area last weekend, and they're amaazing, they actually left the email under the "frame" saying "this background is for you, take pictures and send it to us" ... will do!

look how many other frames they have!
genius ELLA&PITR



[NastyGal Coat, American Apparel trousers, H&M hat and wedges]

only one week until moustachic's first birthday! 
get exciteeeed! 


skull baby wallet

Little Sunday treat, on a Wednesday post
I was really tempted to go for the "bambi" one they had, but the cute flower on the skull clearly won (also cause of the color, red vs burgundy)
the upcoming days will be a weird mix of stress and excitement,
let's see what happens!
have a good week ♡


cotton candy

[Brandy&Melville pullover, American Apparel pants, H&M hat]

hi sweeties! hope you all had a good weekend so far!
One week till my trimester exams start and god I am panicking already.
(probably doesnt look like it from the pictures, but I'm only starting to realise now how much work I have and if you have the same problem try to #eat cotton candy as a stress release or #start studying, which is assumably be more appropriate)


versace for H&M

Did you get the chance to go to an H&M shop yesterday without having your hair pulled by another girl while trying to reach the same piece of the collection? :)
As I couldnt go in the morning (stupid classes) I managed to reach it by 12 or so and by then almost all the pieces were gone, BUT they still had the leggings I wanted (and only thing I knew I could afford)
 and the cute little box with the chocker I'm probably going to use for a styling shooting coming up :)
did you get anything at "the very best of Versace for H&M"?


off season

I always love pairing up summer clothes with winter stuff such as tights and big knits, but sometimes it makes it hard for people to understand this concept while walking around the city
I actually ordered these YourEyesLie babies back in summer but had quite few difficulties with the mail, and it would be such a waste to wait till next summer to wear them.
so im thinking, are you pro or against shorts in winter?

ps. almost 300 followers on bloglovin 
pps. last hours for the Litas giveaway!


pink trees

[H&M sweatshirt and Levi's vintage shorts]

Patchworks Patchworks Patchworks
(try to say it out loud repeatedly)
love every kind tho and especially when in different materials. 
this is probably the most minimal example of them. 
Grey sweatshirt with Brown suede.
I can clearly remember when I first saw this on my friend Alessia and how she called me when we were shopping in London to tell me that they still had it and on sale (scooore!)
I obviously ran to H&M and bought it, what a copycat



this giveaway has expired! 
maaany thanks to everyone that took part,
#staytuned for more giveaways! 

Once again I want to introduce you to an amazing giveaway through THIS IS A MAZE (shop), where you can win a pair of JEFFREY CAMPBELL LITA (black)!!!
this is what you will have to do to take part in it:

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- in the comment you will have to say what would you wear your LITAS with (outfit) and in which occasion

 try to be as fun and as original as you can since the winner will be the one with the most impressive comment ( dont forget to mention your size and your real name if the one on facebook is a fake - so that they can link you back to the long in on the website)
THIS GIVEAWAY ENDS NOVEMBER 17th at 12:00 pm (italian time)

Ecco un altra opportunita' di giveaway che non potete assolutamente perdervi, grazie a THIS IS A MAZE (shop), potrete vincere un paio di JEFFREY CAMPBELL LITA (colore nero) !!! 
ed ecco le semplicissime regole del gioco :

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nel commento dovrete in breve raccontare con cosa indossereste le scarpe e in quale occasione, cercando di essere simpatiche e accattivanti, indicando anche il vostro numero di scarpe (le lita vestono numero reale) e se il nome e cognome di facebook non è quello reale, indicando anche il nome e cognome.
Vincerà, a fine concorso il 17 novembre alle ore 12.00, la ragazza che avra lasciato il commento piu simpatico!!!




I apologize as Ive seen quite few posts about this in these days but if you read through, you'll probably get why I couldn't avoid making a post about it too.

Life sometimes can be a huge coincidence.
While walking clueless through paris' little streets we happen to stop by Colette, so many times i heard people talking about it and sure i knew what it was but never really paid attention to it until i realised i already had been there few years ago and had soo many memories linked to that place. anyways, not my point at all. 
I started jumping around like a 3 years old in a candy shop while my friend Olly asked info about this guy who was apparently signing books and one told her he was "you know, the one who makes these" pointing to one card with an eiffel tour and a statue of liberty. 
There she clicked and ran looking for me, since I had shown pretty much everyone my obsession with this website about fun facts and differences between Paris and New York, and i dont know how we missed the huge sign outside of Colette saying they were having all the books autographed that day.
I immediately asked for a copy so that i could go in line and get my book signed, but as they were obviously about to tell me that they were sold out, my friend found a Colette's sample copy. 
who cares, i said, im taking it. 
So i pay and get in line, until it was my turn to meet Vahram Muratyan, the genius illustrator and graphic designer.
Believe it or not I actually told him "you're genius"haha we chatted a bit and then he signed the book and what could I have possibly asked him to draw on my copy?
ahhh sweetest guy ever.


sweet disposition- the video


#note before watching the video: this is 100% an experiment and the quality is not the best, BUT,
I had just a few short videos of the Sweet Disposition post  and i started playing around with imovie.
I am awful at editing videos, but I've always liked it so I gave it a try, and it actually made me wanna take more videos of everything. So expect more videos in future posts ;)


land of the nod

[ASOS dress, MIUMIU bow detail bag, TOPSHOP moustache ring]

Now that I look back and post these pictures from few days ago at my grandmas house, I realise why I could possibly be the only human being who gets sick when going from a cooler to a warmer place (paris>milan).
 I swear I was wearing a jacket before and after taking pictures, but couldnt resist showing you these sleeves. damn you, sneaky flu.
Off to paris again tomorrow! 

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