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im here im here! 
im back in milan for the weekend ( with a bonus of  + 2 days) and havent even had the time to upload this post any sooner than now.
Yesterday I was busy all day styling one of the first shootings im really proud of for my portfolio.
and I cant wait to show you the pictures :) 
hope you all had a great weekend, 
its sooo good to be home! 
ps. last day to enter Private Outlet's giveaway!


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Things are moving so fast around here, 
it's already time to go back to Milan for the first time since I moved here on friday, and i cant wait!
Sister's and grandma's bdays celebration! 
Happy bday sisteeer ♡


mon armoire

Yes, Ikea is probably not the nicest and most user-friendly when it comes to building things (especially when you are doing it by your self aka no help whatsoever) but I have to admit they always have all sort of solutions regarding sizes and prices. (and yes i am one of those people who enjoys walking around ikea, actually, love it )
Anyway, this is exactly what I needed for my little apartment: a perfect way to store and organise clothes at a reasonable price. I dont know about you, but I'm having the hardest time putting aside all my summer clothes... I guess they can hang in there just a little longer :)

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 i miss summer, nice weather (to be fair, it was sunny today but not quite the same thing) and bare legs.
i've always been more of a pro-winter person but right now
 i hate the idea of having to wear a jacket every time i leave my apartment.
Anyways new city and new people makes it harder to take new pictures (just for now) so im experiencing some "going-through-old-pictures" phase,  which honestly makes me happy (even if a bit melancholy) and i love it.



[Zara pumps, American Apparel laptop/whatever clutch, Nasty Gals opened back dress]

Some new ins that might have been influenced by the sky's color in these days (hence by shorter and colder days) anyways, lets all promise we will only wear colorful stuff this autumn



[Valentino pumps]

So, my sister and I love ordering stuff online and most of the time we share and exchange stuff.. except that now I left for Paris and I def had not thought this through when we ordered the chanel bones top from nastygals and agreed that it was going to be hers..(big, huge deal, i know.) I wanted to keep it  and never give it back or pretend the package never got delivered? but she was kind enough to let me borrow it for a whooole day, so, end of my interesting story: thank you, i love you and i miss you so much already!


shiny or matte?

Here is my latest obsession.
 Well, two of them.
Chanel's Peridot, probably the most selling (shinyyy) nail polish right now,
and Chanel's matte finish, most likely to be defined as a countertrend for nailpolishes (as you know, polish aka shiny)
Quite two different things huh?
I usually dont like shiny nor glittery nails, but this one has definetely something more metallic to it. 
and as a matter of fact I did try to put the matte finish on top of the peridot haha
aaaanyways, which one would you rather wear?



[Topshop dress, Forever21 heels]

Milan, Moscova, and right during fashion week.
That's where I met with my friend Riki just last week for some photos,
Initially we had to do another project (which still might work sooner or later)
but then one day he saw this street, emailed me a photo at sunset, and donee, we decided to shoot there.
Honestly, having people constantly walking by/watching made me quite uncofortable but i managed to laugh it off towards the end (suuuch a disaster, i know)
Happyyy monday everyone! xx

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