deep sea baby

[MOSCHINO swimsuit]

Back from an amazing month at the seaside!
For the past days I've been apartment hunting on the internet and honestly had no luck whatsoever 
so I'm gonna head to Paris next week with my mom (so exciteeeddd!) and hopefully we will get something done over there!
I also promise I will get def more work done on the blog as I had no chance to update it constantly (shame on me, i know)
last but not least,
♡ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most important person in my life!
i love youuu MELIS! 



these days

One big messy mix of these days through Instagram app

1. Moustachic drink @Yankees 
2. Stones beach 
3. Details of my previous post *ill follow*
4. My sistaa
5. Happy about my drink
6. The day I found out about moving to Paris
7. Pink on Pink
8. My favourite Sunset 
9. Polkadots face
10. Follow me on Twitter


i'll follow

[ZARA white dress, H&M sandals and ring, TOPSHOP bag]

Finally at the seaside for a whole month, internet connection kind of sucks here and thats mainly why i've been so bad at posting stuff and replying comments (i am kind of keeping my twitter updated tho)
Everything has been kind of boring lately but hopefully it will get better in these days! my only goal for summer now is to get a decent tan and learn a bit of french? haha
I am pretty sure this dress is part of the new zara collection for winter but didnt manage to wait untill september/october to wear it 



[LAZYOAF skirt]
Fooling around in the garden, looking like a watermelon and eating one.
sounds good to me  

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