it's Paris

[Marc Jacobs tshirt- present from few months ago from my amazing friend Alessia, who really believed and supported me  in this, so THANK YOU!]

It's for sure now! I have been wanting to tell you for a while now but didn't wanna jinx it.
I am officially moving to Paris for the next academic year, so starting from October! 
Who would have even thought just few years ago that I would have been able to move around the 3 campuses of my school; it all actually started as a "joke" and never thought it would really happen.
I am so excited and thrilled to actually share this with you, of course I hope Moustachic will still be big part of it too! 


black and gold

[TOPSHOP bikini]

I realized I've been concentrating more and more on details lately.
Oh well. I was taken aback by this gold metal thingy on an extremely simple black bandeau- just makes it more unique!


fluo dome

Here it is, my new lover.
it's so neon it actually hurts your eyes if you stare at it for too long,
but its def worth it.
oh and it also kind of glows in the dark haha 
hate it or love it?



im back im back! 

1. Topshop striped pullover
2. Bike with flowers on the canal 
3. Rings from the market in Amsterdam
4. Sweet message on my brand new neon Cambridge Satchel 
(you guys need to check out their sale section only £35!)


off to the festival

Leaving for Dour festival in a few hours, so going back to belgium, and back to doable weather YAY! (even tho its supposed to be raining for the whole week booo)
here are some "new in" all from american apparel:
white shorts, long sleeves cropped tee, striped bikini top (waiting to find the bottom part which was sold out), neon bandeau.
see you guys in a week! xx


a for amsterdam

- on the I AMsterdam letters.. it def took me longer to get down from it than to get on it.
(it seriously was embarassing after a while haha)
- I WAS actually wearing shoes, they just were a bit slippery and im scared of heights which also explains my previous point!
- the kids in the last picture of IAM werent with us but they were posing in our pictures for a bit!
- Van Gogh Museum was amazing, (even tho a guy got mad at me cause i wanted a picture of the "sunflowers" :P)
- i loved every single canal we walked by (but couldnt avoid taking a picture of the baloon one!)
- i was wearing the MOST comfortable romper i had bought in london few days before
(and the neon sweatshirt that matched the tiny little polkadots of the romper of course)
- its unbelievable how many bicycles they have there
- such a crazy city
- i love my friends :D


barbie is in trouble

I am back home after 2 amazing weeks spent between brussels, london and amsterdam (going to upload the pictures soon!) The weather was def better (cooler) there, always around 20ish degrees which is sooo much better if you're walking around in the city.
right now I am working with my sister and trying to plan things out for later in summer.
What are your plans/Where are you at/going?


London by night

[TOPSHOP dress]

gorgeous night in london, dinner on the river bank and later at ministry of sound (everybody loves moustaches huh?) 
last picture was actually taken in the early morning going back home, through the taxi window :) 

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