cheerleader meets american footballer

I wasnt really stressed about this untill a friend of mine started pressuring me. haha.
I have my first real shoot with a model and hair and make up at the studio at school tomorrow, 
and this is one of the 4 looks i will style. my project was all about college, but carried on towards a more masculine and "careless" look and attitude. We'll see how this goes! 
(obviously will look x 100000^ better on the model eheh :D)
wish me luck! xx


spring key

So it is spring officially. 
It reached 25 C degrees here in Milan between today and yesterday, which is crazy if I think that not even 10 days ago I was still wearing my warmest jacket :) 
since 70s flare are literally everywhere i kind of tried to do it my own way- tiny bits inspired by h&m campaigns ;) 



Hello there :) 
as I mentioned in the previous post here are some pictures of the amazing hotel we stayed at in Madrid.
its called DORMIRDCINE and every single room they have it's based on a movie and themed accordingly. (check out their website to see some more rooms :)
which one would you choose?


Third and fourth day in Madrid

HOLA again!!! here is the second part of the 4 beautiful days spent in Madrid last week! Mainly visisted museums, the botanical garden, and shops of course ;)
the next few photos and the very last one, are just a preview of the next post that will be ALL about the gorgeous hotel we stayed at. COME BACK for more in the next post- i promise it will be inspiring! :D


First and second day in Madrid!

just came back from Madrid- and I can officially say that I am in love with this city.
Here are some pictures of the first and second day spent with my friends walking around and visiting as best as we could! 
First day we were lucky enough to have some (tiny bit) of sun shining while on friday it rained all day- (such a shame, i wanna go back again in summer- i bet it's gonna be even more gorgeous)
going to post pictures of third and fourth day later this week so stay tuned! 
AND pictures of the hotel also coming soon- IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!


Brussels journal

Hiii everyone! Just got back last night from 48 hours trip in Brussels, and I miss it already! 
We (mom, aunt and cousin) drove there on saturday morning and went around (shopping) as soon as we got in the city. My goal was to find a dress for my sisters wedding (still sounds strange to say!) which I did't find but got very close :) 
On Sunday we went to this beautiful market in Waterloo, so many inspiring things and scarves for only 50 cents :)
I always love going back, it means soo much to me.

BUT moving on- going to MADRID tomorrow morning! 
Any interesting places (shops, bars, restaurants, anything!) you would suggest to visit?
SO excited!!! 



These are just some of the pictures my friend Melis and I took right up on the Duomo when she came visiting from London about two weeks ago! (time went by SO fast it seems like yesterday) 
We had a really busy "schedule" everyday but we always ended up doing something different... that always happen no?
Actually have so many other pictures to post about that amazing weekend, will do soon!
This weekend im finally going back to my hometown, back to Brussels with my mom, just to relax and shop and do whatever we used to do when we lived there! I cant wait (:
I wish you all a great weekend! 
oh and yes that is my dream house in the last photo ;) 


Sunday @ MFW

Lindsey Wixon at her cutest (Missoni)

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great weekend! As you all know this week was Fashion Week in Milan and it just ended today :) Due to (freakin) uni lessons and work I wasn't able to really partecipate or attend any event/fashion shows during the week a part from Sunday, where Missoni kindly had a "opened to public" session at the end of the actual show(see the video). The day was actually surreal, so much style in the air, manymanymany bloggers around (i managed to take some pictures with my favourites :D see at the end of the post) that was so nice to see in person. My cousin Francesca and I were determined to at least see some clothes so mission accomplished i guess, but we also tried to go out of Dolce and Gabbana' show, and here is when it gets surreal by being photographed when crossing the street and had a short interview for Grazia, even if i dont know if it will ever be published anywhere :D 
Soo this is it, it was only one day but I still enjoyed it as much as i could,
let me know what you think! 
enjoy the pictures xx 
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