Last post from the weekend spent at the seaside, it's been a week already and I wish I could go back! 
The huge field behind me is a Polo field and the stairs lead on to this shack/commentary "room".
This weekend I'll try to upload some pictures of how I saw Milan during Fashion Week happening right now (no fashion shows yet though - we'll see! :)
ps. thank you so much for all your sweet comments in the previous posts, it means so much to me! 


sweet disposition

These might either look too cheesy or too dreamy depending on taste.
I was inspired by Temper Trap's "Sweet disposition" song that has been stuck in my head for days lately :)
So I'll leave you to this gorgeous song at the end of the post...hope you'll enjoy it! 



Last week-end, I was finally able to take pictures of these beautiful clogs by Jeffrey Campbell.
As soon as "they" arrived i couldnt wait to take pictures in them and here is the result of the outfit picked for the "woodies"- which btw are so incredibly high and would make anyone look like a giant! 
no other street that i know would have been better for this photoshoot :) 



Belvedere. Punta Ala. Tuscany.
just some simple shots of a breath taking panoramic view :)



As I mentioned in the previous post, I finished exams on friday and I left for the seaside right after.
This is one of my favourite places on earth, it's in Tuscany and I come here every summer since I cant even remember :) 
Now i seriously can't wait for spring!
ps. Happy Valentines Day :)


too good to be true

Two full weeks of exams will be finally over with me leaving for the seaside tomorrow afternoon!
And during these awful days of stress and projects- these new babies pair of "woodies" just arrived the other day- ordered on Shopbop :) 
it's either you hate it or love love love it, as usual, JCshoes :) 


i can dream the rest away

Lazy Sundays. Forced to wake up when my dream wasn't over,
can i pay those 99c to have my second half of dream tonight?


black out

First days of sunshine (tiny bit) in Milan & some shots at the park right after going around driving for the first time my new baby car :)
also wearing for the first time the black cord shorts and lace inserts body arrived the other day from urban outfitters! 
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